FAQs – I do Not Live in Halton

I do Not Live in HaltonDo you live outside Halton but need to use the Silver Jubilee or the Runcorn bridge from time to time? Well, here are some of your questions addressed. You can also call our helpline on 0845 455 0156 if you have a query that is not addressed in the information below.

What will be the cost for Halton non-residents to go across the Runcorn bridges?

For a one-way trip, it will be £2 for a car or a small van. This is an unregistered toll rate. Non-residents will have two options: a pre-pay account or a monthly permit.

How do I select the most suitable payment option for me?

If likely to make fewer than 50 one-way trips across the bridge on a monthly basis, a pre-pay sticker account is going to be your best option.

What’s the difference between a pre-pay video account and a pre-pay sticker account?

A pre-pay sticker account will save you a total of 10% on each trip, plus a sticker for your windscreen.

With a pre-pay video account you will only save 5% per trip, with no windscreen sticker.

Sticker accounts are encouraged, not only for the greater saving capacity but also for ease in traffic monitoring and the collection of toll revenue.

How do pre-pay accounts work and how much should I pay beforehand?

Registering a pre-pay account will cost you £5. The pre-pay accounts will operate in the same way as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ phone contract. Owners of the accounts will deposit £30, which will then be spent as they cross.

If you happen to terminate your account without using up the money deposited in it, you will get all the balance back.

How does the auto top-up system operate?

The auto top-up system put in place will ensure that your Mersey Gateway account always has money, and will alleviate any risk getting fines.

Registering for a Mersey Gateway Tolls pre-pay account will help connect your bank account with your Gateway account, for automatic top-ups when your money drops below a specified amount. The minimum specified amount is £10 but you are not limited to just that.

Note that it is not mandatory to have the auto top-up system. However, with it, you reduce the chances of not getting fined.

With the auto top-up system, how much will it withdraw from my bank when my account goes below my decided point?

You have the ability to select your own recharge value, even though there’ll be a minimum top-up value of £20.

It is recommended that you choose an amount roughly equal to that which you expect to spend on tolls monthly.

Is it possible to register more than one car under my account?

Yes, you can list as many automobiles as you own under your pre-paid account.

What is the procedure of registering with Mersey Gateway?

The fastest and easiest way to register is online. Choose the ‘pre-pay Mersey Gateway account’ selection and follow the guidelines.  Once your details check out, we will send you your windscreen sticker. If you go for the video-registered choice, your vehicle will be added to the list of recorded cars. This will allow you to cross the Runcorn Bridges without doing anything before or after you cross.

You can also register in person at our walk-in outlet, or by calling us.

How much do I save if I buy a monthly permit?

Those who cross the Runcorn bridge a lot will save more. For instance, if you cross it an average of four times a day, it will make up to 120 single-route journeys over 30 days.

With the sticker toll price being 1.80 euros for a no return trip, it would amount to £216, so purchasing the £90 once-a-month unlimited saves you £126 in a month.

Making the same number of trips 5 days a week as opposed to 7 days a week would save about £54 a month.

How many monthly trips make it advisable to buy a once-a-month off-peak license?

More than 35 single route journeys only during off-peak hours (10 AM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 7 AM, Monday-Friday, and at all times during weekends and public holidays) and little to journeys at peak hours (7 AM – 10 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM, Monday-Friday), the £60 once-a-month off-peak permit might the best option for you.

Any crossings during high traffic hours will have to be pre-paid.

How and when do I buy a once-a-month pass?

Once you register, or any time afterwards. You can then connect it to whichever vehicle you have listed on your Mersey Gateway account. You can also call us on 0845 455 0156 for further assistance.

Must I buy a monthly pass monthly?

You can buy one at any time of the month.

Can the same monthly permit be used by two separate cars?

Each monthly pass is specific to only one car. They can’t be shared with other cars.

Which types of cars qualify for a monthly license?

Only small automobiles are eligible.

Which documents do I need for registration?

No documents are needed to register for your pre-paid account.

Must I register to cross the Runcorn bridge?

You will still manage to drive across the bridges without registration.

However, you must pay the full cost for unregistered automobiles, every single trip you make across – £2 per one-way trip.

Discounts are only available once you register with Mersey Gateway Tolls.

As an unregistered commuter, how would I pay if there were no toll payment centres?

There are four options:

You can use your credit or debit cards. We won’t accept any BACS payments.

If I’m not registered, how long do I have to pay?

It has to be by midnight of the next day. Faulting this will see you issued a forfeit notice going up to £60.

So, say you crossed the bridge Monday morning; you would be given up to 11.59PM, Tuesday night, to pay the toll charge.

How do I see my account balance before making a trip?

You can do this anytime during the day through your online account on the Mersey Gateway Tolls website.

If it’s within office hours, you can call our centre, and give your vehicle registration. Our customer service representatives will confirm to you if there is any balance.

Which credit and debit cards can I pay with?

We accept credit and debit cards payments from both Mastercard and Visa.

What’s Payzone?

It is a cash receipt system that enables making cash expenses for crossing tolls, utility bills and other types of bills, without using payment cards.

Visit their website to see which Payzone is near you, and to get more information about them: www.payzone.co.uk

If I do not use a payment I had made for a trip, can I still use it at a later date?

Prepaid credit will last for 12 months from the day the payment was made.

In case you paid for two trips and made only one, the remaining payment remains as credit for 12 months also.

With my partner, we’ll both register our cars for a pre-paid account. Once we register, can any of us drive either vehicle at a reduced rate across the Runcorn bridges?

Yes, as long as both vehicles have been listed to an active account, you can both drive whichever registered car. This is under the presumption that you have the needed insurance cover.

Is there an alert sent to me in case my account balance is going below my threshold?

Yes – we give low balance reminders to our customers, once their account balances get to their stipulated baseline.

Do you still have concerns not addressed by the information above? Give us a call now on 0845 455 0156 and we will sort you out!