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General Information

What Will Be The Charge For Business People Crossing The Bridges?

The total cost is going to vary, depending on which car you will be driving. For more details, check our ‘toll fees’ page, to see the different charges for different automobiles.

Regardless of whichever car one is driving, however, they can still save 10% on the normal charge. This is possible if they register for the pre-paid sticker account, where one pays a £5 one-time charge.

What Is A Pre-Paid Account? How Does It Operate?

Pre-paid accounts will operate in the same way as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ cell phone deal. All registered customers will be obliged to deposit £30 to their accounts. This money is going to be used for their trips across the bridges.

Is A ‘Pre-Pay Video Account’ Different From A ‘Pre-Pay Sticker Account’?


A pre-pay sticker account will enable you to save 10% on each journey and you also get a sticker for your windscreen.

On the other hand, a pre-pay video account is going to save you 5% for each trip, without getting a windscreen sticker.

You are advised to go for the windscreen sticker option, for you will not only save more but also make it easier for monitoring of traffic and collecting revenue. In case of any challenges, you can always call us on 0845 455 0156 and we will get you the assistance you need.

How Much I’m I Required to Pre-Pay, Upon Registration?

The least amount you can deposit into your pre-pay account is £30, coupled with the one-off registration charge of £5.

The deposited money will be used for your to-and-fro trips. Termination of the account without using the money in it will call for a full refund.

How Is The Automatic Top-Up System Going To Operate?

This system is going to make sure that your Mersey Gateway account always has money. This will, in the long run, minimize any chance of you getting fined.

By registering for a Mersey Gateway pre-paid account, you get the ability to enable automatic top-ups, directly from your debit bank account anytime your money goes below a stipulated amount.

The least quantity you can stipulate is £20. However, you can have more than £20 if you so wish.

Must I Use The Automatic Top-Up Payment System?

You mustn’t. However, you are at a greater risk of having lower than required funds to cross over the bridge.

When Using The Programmed Top-Up System, How Much Will Be Taken From My Bank Account Once My Mersey Gateway Account Goes Below My Baseline?

You have the ability to select your own recharge value, but the standard minimum top-up is £20.

It is best if you select an amount that is almost equal to that which you intend to spend on toll fees monthly.

Is It Possible To List More Than One Vehicle Under My Account?

This is absolutely possible. Call us on 0845 455 0156 and we will guide you through the process.

What Is The Process Of Registering With Mersey Gateway?

The most straightforward way is through the Mersey Gateway website.

Registration begins at 8 AM, on July 17th.

You can also register personally at our physical centre, or by calling our office lines.

In case you register through the website, choose the ‘pre-pay Mersey Gateway account’ selection, and then go by the instructions.

After verifying your details, the windscreen sticker will be sent to you within a few working days.

If you go by the video-registering option, your car will be added to our list of registered automobiles.

When Can I Register My Mersey Gateway Account?

You can register now.

We have opened it ahead of the bridge opening so that there will be a lot of time for people to register before the tolls start.

Must I Register?

It is not mandatory for you to register.

You will still drive across the bridges, even though you will have to pay the total amount for every single trip.

No discounts will be given for unregistered vehicles.

As An Unregistered Customer, How Will I Pay If There Are No Toll Stalls?

There are 4 options. You can pay through:

  • The Mersey Gateway website
  • Through your phone
  • Personally at our physical centre
  • Via Payzone

Credit and debit cards are accepted. We do not take any BACS payments.

What Period Of Time Do I Have To Pay, As An Unregistered User?

You are given up to midnight of the day after you make a trip across the bridge.

Failure to do so will see you given a faulting charge of up to £60.

Is The Toll Charge Inclusive Of VAT, And Can I Get It Back If I Have Registered For VAT?

The toll charges are exclusive of VAT. All tolls are exempted from VAT.

Do I Receive An Alert When My Account Balance Goes Low?

Insufficient balance alerts are given to customers anytime the balance gets to their stipulated baseline amount.

Can I Check How Much I Have Left Before Making A Trip?

You can, through your account at the Mersey Gateway website, or by making our call to our offices.

Is It Possible To By A Once-A-Month License For Any Type Of Car?

Only small vans or vehicles are authorized monthly licenses.

What Qualifies A Van To Be ‘Small’?

It has to weigh less than 3.5 tonnes (Class 2). If more than that, it will be under Class 3 cars.

Read about Class 3 vehicles on the section dedicated to them specifically.

How Do You Describe A Commercial Car?

It is used for business needs. It could be a car mainly used for personal errands, but any use that is business related will qualify it to be charged as a commercial car.

If you happen to use the same car or van for both personal and business errands, and you are eligible for a Local User Discount Scheme, you can list it for the same scheme.

Therefore, a Halton dweller driving a Volkswagen Polo which he/she mostly uses for personal errands, but which they also use as a pizza supply car at times, would have to pay for the business trips, but not for the personal trips.

Those not registered under the Local User Discount Scheme will be required to pay for all crossings, regardless of them being for business or personal related.

Will There Be One-A-Month Licenses For Classes 3 & 4 Cars In The Future?

Unfortunately only the Class 2 cars are legible for once-a-month licenses.

All specifics of the tolling payments and deductions were laid out at a public review in 2009 and it was signed by the Government of the United Kingdom. We do not have any plans to include other classes of cars into the monthly plan.

All the same, there is going to be a 3-year evaluation of all tolls and issues like this one might be taken into consideration.

If I Go Across The Bridge While On Business Errands, Do I Pay For My Own Toll Charge?

Going across the bridge for any business activity will need you to pay a fee.

It is upon you and your employer to decide on who foots the bill, however, you or the company.

Small Vehicles, Vans and Passenger Cars of Not More Than 8 Seats (Class 2 Vehicles)

What Will Be The Crossing Charge For Those With Class 2 Cars For Business Errands?

For unregistered vehicles, it will be £2 for a one-way journey.

One has two options to choose from: a pre-paid account or a once-a-month permit.

How Do I Choose The Right Payment Option For Me?

If likely to make fewer than 50 single route journeys across in a month, pre-paid sticker accounts are best.

If there’s a possibility of having more than 50 trips across the bridges, per month, then limitless travel passes are the best choice.

What Is The Amount I Would Save If I Bought Once-A-Month Licenses?

The more you cross the river, the more you are going to save.

For instance, crossing the river about four times in a day totals to 120 single crossings in 30 days. For a registered sticker account at toll charge of £1.80 one-way, it would amount to £216. Hence purchasing the £90 once-a-month unlimited pass would help you save £126.

Making the same crossings for 5 days a weekly as opposed to all days in a week would amount to saving about £54 in a month.

How Many Trips Make It Worth The Purchase Of A Once-A-Month Off-Peak License Worthwhile?

35 or more off-peak trips one-way and little to no trips at peak hours will make the off-peak choice most suitable for you.

Off-peak hours are: between 10 AM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 7 AM, Monday through Friday and all times during public holidays and weekends.

Peak hours are: between 7 AM – 10 AM and 4 PM – PM Monday through Friday.

How And When Can I Buy A Once-A-Month License?

You can get it once you register or any time afterwards. You can then connect it to whichever car you have listed under your account with Mersey Gateway.

Must Buy A Monthly Pass Every Other Month?

You can buy a license at any time in the month.

Can The Same License Be Used For Two Different Automobiles?

One pass is limited to one vehicle. It can’t be shared or transferred to another.

My Business Operates With Several Cars. Which Is The Best Choice For Registering All?

Listing them all under one account is the best choice.

This way, monitoring them is easy as well as updating their information.

More details about registering will be issued in a while. If you have any specific questions, talk to us on 0845 455 0156.

HGVs, Minibuses and Coaches (Class 3 & 4 Cars)

What Is The Distinction Between Classes 3 & 4 Cars?

Class 3 cars are those that:

  • Can carry loads weighing 3.5 – 12 tones
  • Are passenger cars with a carrying capacity of nine or more people and weigh fewer than 5 tones

Class 4 cars are those that:

  • Can carry goods weighing more than 12 tones
  • Have a passenger carrying capacity of nine or more people and are heavier than 5 tones

What Will Be The Charge For Classes 3 And 4 Business Vehicles?

It will be an unregistered toll fee of £6 for each single-way journey for Class 3 cars and £8 for Class 4 cars.

However, one can still save up to 10% per trip if on a pre-paid sticker account.

We are here to make the process seamless for you. Therefore, if you have any issues that are not covered by the information above, talk to us on 0845 455 0156 and we will guide you.