Mersey Bridge Tolls Registration Calls Attract a Huge Turn-Out

Mersey Bridge Tolls

Mersey Bridge Tolls On Approach9,000 and more people have registered, and are still registering with Mersey Gateway’s bridge tolls within its first week of operation. These registrations have been from both residents and non-residents of Halton. The process has been going on through the website, call center and at the physical offices.

Since the registration started at 8AM on Monday, 17th July, there has been a total of 6,810 registrations through the website, 1,227 at the physical offices, 914 through the calling center and finally, 14 by post. So far, the website has been said to be the fastest way to register.

According to Anthony Alicastro, CEO of Emovis Operations (Mersey) Ltd., the whole process of registration was very successful in its first week. Emovis Operations is a comprehensively owned company of Abertis, which is responsible for the operations at Merseyflow. They (Emovis) are very competent in providing tolling solutions in places such as Ireland, UK and Canada.

He stated that the registrations were a great and positive start for them. He also affirmed that the huge turnout was proof enough that their message on the bridge opening in autumn was getting to the people.

Speaking from their offices, he said he was thankful to everyone who held up their patience during the first week, as it has been very busy for them. Mr Alicastro also urged those who were yet to register to go ahead and do so, as it would mean that they would be ready to travel as soon as the bridges opened.

A resident of Warrington stated that his registration was very professional. “I called their center and the person I spoke to was very efficient and kind,” he said.

How do i register to cross the bridge

Besides the aforementioned ways of registering, Mersey Bridge Tolls have also opened a temporary registration point in Widnes, on Brook Street, right at Halton Direct Link. It will be open till the end of August.

The call center contact is 0845 455 0156, and the walk-in location is at Manor Park, 9 Howard Court, WA7 1SJ, Runcorn. Operation hours are 8AM- 8PM on all weekdays and 9AM-6PM during bank holidays and weekends.

Registered customers will get windscreen stickers for identification by the system as they cross the bridge. This will take the toll charge for crossing off your account.

Advantages and Eligibility

There will be discounts on the bridge tolls, but will only be available to registered customers. Some qualified locals will get free rides. Eligible dwellers of Halton will have to pay £10 yearly, and then enjoy their free trips across the bridge without having to pay anymore tolls.

Non-residents can also register for pre-paid accounts and get once-a-moth passes, which will qualify them for discounts too. However, it is not mandatory for everyone crossing the Mersey Bridge to register. There is a toll charge for unregistered customers – £2 for small cars and vans per trip, per vehicle. Bigger vehicles will be charged more.

Administrators of the system will get blue badges at a one-time fee of £5. They will need to provide both-side copies of their badges, for unlimited trips.